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Absolutely wonderful

I received this product in a timely matter I m absoslutely immpressed with the product I suffer with a painful disease and this body wash is impeccable


Life changing

I soo love this product. The body wash is the perfect ending to my day. It's nothing like having a product that will put your body in a much needed relaxation mode. I've truly enjoyed every product from Nubian Gods. The service from this company is very professional, and I will continue to support these lovely ladies. You won't go wrong with this company!

Kela Rocker

Yes! I did last night! I slept so great! I was going to use it again tonight! I want that sleep again! Yesss! Especially on my hip and lower back where I have the pinched nerves! Thanks for sharing your gift! And giving me Black business to support! And it's great because I actually know you! (Pain Relief Soap)

LaCoyia White